Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21

Little bitty bit of snow.

January 20

Can't decide which to put up.

January 19

January 18

Meeka (I think her name is) having dinner!

January 17

Silly Belly ;)

January 16

My Deb rippin' the sweater out.

January 15

Moved her bed and she loaded it up with her animals!

January 14

Apparently they need some lessons in Scrabble Rules.

January 13

New Toy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 12

January 11

Love Ecological Wool

January 10

Running attire drying

January 9

Swim meet

January 8

New Couch.

January 7

Wii :)

January 6

Snow Flakes. NO storms yet.

January 5

Canada NOT winning Gold at the World Juniors seen on the Big Screen

January 4

The Aussie relatives drop by before they go travelling again.

January 3

January 2

January 1

Welcome to 2010! And off we go again!

New Years' Day at Trent and Vicky's house with the cousins!